Running Round In Circles – Glenmore 24

Glenmore 24

To say that I’ve neglected the blog of late would certainly be an understatement. The Glenmore 24 ultramarathon was back on 3rd September and here I am, finally starting to write something, on 22nd October. So, why the tardiness? There’s no single reason but it’s likely in large part down to my less than stellar performance that weekend, a ‘performance’ … Read More

Ice Ice Baby

Ice Ice Baby. That was the advice at least. Unfortunately, late in the evening, when I finally got around to attempting to address the malaise that had all but robbed me of my running mojo since my completion of the West Highland Way Race back in June, I forgot to engage my brain. The term ‘fidiot’ springs to mind, a … Read More

A Week In The Cairngorms

‘Fresh’ from a weekend spent running the hills of Bennachie and Scolty, I had a week in the Cairngorms to look forward to. Heading up early on the Monday, we arrived at our usual lodge in Coylumbridge, somewhere that we, as a couple, have been coming to for over 10 years now, and Leanne, with her family, for a good … Read More

Chalamain Gap, Cairngorms

The Sugarbowl car park, on the access road to Cairngorm Mountain, makes for an excellent starting point for access to the Chalamain Gap. "The Sugarbowl is a great starting point for getting out into the hills. The Chalamain Gap is a popular route from here – a ravine filled with a jumble of boulders that makes a spectacular destination on ... Read More