New Vivobarefoot Product – The Trail Freak & The Evo Pure

I’ve had a chance to try out the Vivobarefoot Trail Freak over the weekend and I’m loving the convenience of the lock lace/toggle lacing system – no more laces coming undone, pretty much my only gripe about the Vivobarefoot Breatho Trail. Plenty of testing to do but, from walks and runs out on the trail over the weekend, really good connection, excellent traction, and super light!

If road and/or gym is your thing, then it might be worthwhile checking out another new release from Vivobarefoot – the Evo Pure.

I hope to have a review of both products in the not too distant future.

Evo Pure

“The purest on-road/in-gym barefoot performance shoe we have ever made. We removed everything your foot doesn’t need to create a shoe with less material, ensuring less friction thanks to new, lightweight upper cage technology. The EVO PURE retains the hexagon upper structure for superb breathability with superior control and underfoot sensory clarity.”

  1. Outsole construction: Road: Hexagonal two tone ultimate barefoot sole. Tuned for the road and treadmill this flexable, soft and wet/dry slip resistant sole lets your foot do its thing with pure sensory clarity.
  2. Outsole thickness: 3mm; Outsole material: V-sense TPU
  3. Removable insole: 3mm Poliyou Insole for additional thermal protection when necessary.
  4. Collar/Panel & Lining: Dri-Lex Performance lining with lycra: Lightweight, performance lining for moisture wicking and superior comfort.
  5. Upper: PU cage with thin mesh for maximum breathability, lycra lining
  6. Lace-up System: Fasten securely with classic tieup lace.
  7. Eco-Credentials: 100% Vegan
  8. Weight: Mens 210g / Ladies 190g

Trail Freak

“Vivobarefoot launch the Trail Freak, the next step in the brand’s performance range of shoes for trail running.

Scheduled for release in Spring 2014, Vivobarefoot’s most advanced trail shoe offers the ultimate off-road running aesthetic supported by the brand’s dominance in pure barefoot technology and performance.

Worn by trail running star A J Calitz (2 x Red Bull LionHeart Winner, 2012 and 2013), the Trail Freak is a lightweight, breathable shoe with a natural wide fore-sole design which allows toes to splay as nature intended, optimizing barefoot feeling and sensory feedback.

Featuring ‘V Trek’ outsole construction designed for maximum surface contact on off-road surfaces, a duo reflective mesh and printed structure giving a more comfortable and secure ‘second skin’ fit with maximum breathability, the Trail Freak is designed to allow your feet and shoes to move as one, no matter what nature throws at them.”

(Vivobarefoot Press Release)


  1. Outsole construction: V Trek Rubber outsole specifically designed for off road surfaces with multi-directional lugs to maximize surface contact for superior barefoot traction
  2. Outsole thickness: 2.5mm with 4.5mm lugs. Outsole material: V-grip Rubber
  3. Removable insole: 3mm Poliyou Insole for additional thermal protection when necessary
  4. Lining: Dri-Lex Performance lining with lycra: Lightweight, performance lining for moisture wicking and superior comfort
  5. Upper: Reflective Mesh. Thick, dual layer mesh with a reflective thread
  6. Upper: Printed Structure. Flexible yet strong printed upper gives a natural and secure fit
  7. Lacing: Toggle. Fasten securely with strong wire-like laces and toggle
  8. Eco-Credentials: 100% Vegan
  9. Weight: Mens 260g / Ladies 210g

Available in:

  • Mens: sizes 40-47 Red/Orange Navy/Sulphur
  • Ladies: sizes 35-42 Blue/Turquoise Pink/Teal

More information at:

Inaugural Scottish Barefoot Run Update

Further details have been made available regarding this Saturdays inaugural Scottish Barefoot Run & Conference:

11.00 am Registration opens, everything is free but we need the disclaimer signed
11.15 am Coaching with Helen Hall from Vibram Five Fingers
11.30 am Fitting of barefoot shoes from Inov8 and Brooks
11.40 am Run and safety briefing, Donnie Campbell
12.00 pm Run starts in waves depending on numbers
13.00 pm Lunch, homemade sandwiches and bananas, water is on tap all day
13.30 pm Head to The Eric Liddell Centre

Free socks will be handed out on entry to the conference

14.00 pm Barefoot Conference Opens with a welcome from Colin McPhail and an introduction to Matt Wallden from Vibram 5 Fingers and Ben Le Vesconte of Vivobarefoot
15.30 pm Toilet Break
15.40 pm Open Forum with Vivobarefoot, Vibram Five Fingers, Inov8, Merrell, and Pearl Izumi
16.20 pm Close of Conference and off to Pub (Golf Tavern is always worth a visit)

From the event organisers:

We are excited about the attendance of the barefoot trade, especially that of Ben Le Vesconte and Matt Wallden who are both highly respected in the world of natural running. Guy Russell from Inov8 is another of the barefoot worlds well ken’t faces and has a wealth of knowledge to share with us.

Try on a Barefoot Shoe: May sound like a contradiction of terms but there are many types of shoes which work in a variety of ways to assist us with our quest in more efficient forms of running and are delighted to welcome Guy from Inov8 with a small representation of natural running footwear. Don’t forget to take a look at some of the transition shoes that Pearl Izumi and Merrell are also showing.

Coaching: We are delighted to welcome Helen Hall who works closely with Vibram Five Fingers and is one of the country’s top natural running coaches. We hope you will all get a chance to meet Helen and discuss your form; hopefully some very useful tips will be exchanged. Donnie Campbell is arguably Scotland’s top coach and is also on hand to help you with your form.

Socks are very important and we are extremely lucky to have discovered TEKO a Scottish based company who’s environmentally produced garments cannot be beaten. They are kind enough to hand out a pair of these to everyone attending the conference at 2.00pm in the Eric Liddell Centre at Holy Corner

Thanks to all helpers too many to mention individually and especially to:

Hope to see you all there – be sure to introduce yourself and say hello. A report on the day will follow in due course.