Barefoot Running Magazine – Issue 11 (Spring 2014)

The latest Barefoot Running Magazine is now available. Issue 11, Spring 2014, includes:

  • Products of the year awards 2013
  • David Weir & his fighting spirit
  • How to create efficient forward momentum
  • And much more!

Issue 11 also includes my Vivobarefoot Breatho Trail and OMM Sonic Smock reviews.

Walk, Run, Play, Learn, Move #Livebarefoot

“Your feet have all the technology you need and our shoes let them do their thing. Combining modern technology with ancient wisdom our revolutionary shoes let you’re feet behave as if they were barefoot. Explore and enjoy nature and #livebarefoot. Any time, anywhere it’s all about moving barefoot. We are Vivobarefoot and we let you #livebarefoot.”

Thanks to Vivobarefoot for sending me a pair of Breatho Trail shoes to try out.

A full review will follow in due course but first impressions are really favourable. Aesthetically, the navy/sulphur colour combination really stands out and, as far as comfort goes, they provided a perfect fit straight out of the box, with a lovely wide toe box to facilitate toe splay.

One thing that I particularly like is the sole – 2.5mm with 4.5mm multidirectional lugs for grip out on the trail. The sole is touted as being puncture-resistant, and I certainly feel that bit more assured running over uncertain terrain than I have in the past.

They have only recently arrived with me so, as I said, full review to follow in due course. In the meantime, here’s the specifications for the Breatho Trail:

  • Upper Material: Breathable Mesh
  • Upper Description: Breathable Duo Mesh: Comfortable and lightweight, this mesh allows ventilation and airflow around the foot
  • Collar/Panel/ Lining: Dri-lex lining with lycra collar: Lightweight, performance lining for moisture wicking and superior comfort
  • Sole Unit: V – TREK
  • Sole Thickness: 2.5mm sole with 4.5mm lugs
  • Sole Description: V Trek: Multi-directional ‘V-teeth’for the steepest, muddiest, wettest terrains. Ultimate off-road traction and sensory feedback (proprioception)
  • Closure/Lacing: V-Lock Lacing System: Zigzag webbing eyelets make sure the foot is secure in the shoe
  • Weight (grams): 250

“Trail running with barefoot feeling and breathability. A lightweight, breathable shoe that’s a natural fit for trail loving feet. The Breatho Trail’s Duo Mesh and anatomic zigzag lacing structure give a comfortable ‘second skin’ fit. Your shoes and your feet will move as one, no matter what nature throws at them.”

I didn’t quite appreciate just how wide a selection of shoes Vivobarefoot produce and, with lifestyle, road, trail, hiking and kids shoes, there’s definitely something for everyone.

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