Charging On The Go

Battery life has to be one of the most common gripes for anyone who participates in ultramarathons, or who likes to walk or run for extended periods, be it in terms of hours or days. My preferred running watch is the Suunto Ambit which, with the correct settings, should be able to record run data for 50 hours approx. Around 60 miles into the 2012 West Highland Way Race, my Garmin 310XT died and I had to swap to another watch to see me to the end of the race. One of my biggest regrets is not being able to get a complete GPS track from start to finish. This was the perfect excuse to invest in a Suunto Ambit and sounds like a perfect excuse for doing the race again if you ask me!

However, this time around, I will be armed with the Suunto Ambit, with (hopefully) its 50 hours approx of battery life. This should be more than enough time for even me to complete. If not I’m in trouble given that there’s a 35 hour limit!

Just in case the battery fades before I do, I will also have a Duracell Portable USB Charger 1150 mAh with me.

Having read a number of positive blog posts online, I opted to purchase one of the Duracell Chargers. At only £10.00 I figured it was well worth a shot, and less of a gamble than when the charger was on sale at the full £29.99 retail price.

The charger arrived with me today and, by way of  a test, I plugged it into my Suunto Ambit which was sitting at 69% charge. This was soon back up at %100 which, come race day, should see me get to the finish line with a complete GPS track of whatever race I am completing.

The Suunto’s own charge cable simply plugs into the unit and, as such, I could quite easily have the watch still on my arm, with the charger tucked away somewhere close at hand, or in a backpack or waistpack.

Well worth checking out if you are at all concerned about battery life of your GPS/phone.

Suunto Ambit2 & Ambit2 S

“A year after its much-anticipated launch, the Suunto Ambit line is being upgraded through bifurcation, specialization, and adaptation to an unexpected level of user engagement. Launching May 1 around the world are the Suunto Ambit2 and Suunto Ambit2 S. The Ambit2 is geared toward the explorer and ultra-distance endurance athlete with the longer battery life of the pair and the inclusion of barometric sensors. On the other hand, the Ambit2 S is slimmed down to provide a lighter, more nimble option for the vast majority of endurance athletes who don’t need crazy-long battery life or barometric altitude sensors.”

Suunto App Zone & Movescount Upgrade

“In keeping with their commitment to improving their services to users, Suunto is upgrading the Suunto App Zone, the community forum where users can find and create free Apps for the Ambit GPS watch. At the same time, Suunto’s online sports community, which hosts the App Zone, will also be updated to offer a new look and feel, providing more possibilities for in-depth analysis and sharing.”

Suunto Ambit 2.0 Software Available Now

The 2.0 software update for the Suunto Ambit is now available through

Suunto Ambit 2.0

Ambit 2.0 related features and improvements:

  • ANT+ support
  • Foot POD support
  • Interval timer
  • Suunto Apps support
  • Tighter speed fusion filter giving more stable running pace
  • Exercise summary to show the number of manual laps (in previous version the number of laps included manual, auto and pause laps combined)
  • Pausing no longer interferes with lap count in the Ambit
  • Improvement of log memory capacity when using GPS

Ambit 2.0 related Movescount improvements & bug fixes:

  • Faster updating of satellite orbit data during Moveslink synchronization
  • Individual selection of all PODs in custom exercise modes in Movescount
  • Fixed minimum/maximum value bug in Movescount
  • Lap notes to differentiate autolaps and pause laps in Movescount
  • Ambit release notes available from GEAR page in Movescount
  • Sorting option added for POIs & routes in Movescount
  • Fixed a bug of Movescount not using avg cadence calculated by the Ambit

“With the launch of Suunto Apps, we offer you the opportunity to customize the Ambit to fit your sports needs in a totally new way.”

“Starting from November 29th, Suunto Ambit users can download and develop their own features in the Suunto App Zone. This makes the Ambit the first GPS watch on the market to constantly evolve.”

Suunto Ambit Voted The Best New GPS Watch For 2012

The Suunto Ambit has been voted the best new GPS watch introduction for 2012 by the Heart Rate Watch Company.

 “Suunto Ambit can get you back to your car in a blizzard and analyze your cumulative training effect, according to the Heart Rate Watch Company. No matter what the outdoor sport, this watch represents the best of GPS and navigational technology brought together.”

“We wanted to wait and give the Garmin fenix a good side-by-side comparison with the Suunto Ambit”, says Rusty Squire, President of the Heart Rate Watch Company. He adds, “What we found is at the present time the Suunto has more advanced exercise features thanks to several firmware updates, which does not preclude Garmin from adding these features but they are about 4 months behind Suunto at this time”.

Suunto Ambit Betters Garmin fenix In The Battle Of Firmware

“Since the arrival of the ultimate GPS watches, the Suunto Ambit and the Garmin fenix, it has become apparent that firmware updates and improvements will win a battle that is far from over, according to the Heart Rate Watch Company.”

“Judging these two watches is not an apples-to-apples comparison at the moment because Suunto is nearly several firmware updates ahead”, says Rusty Squire, President of the Heart Rate Watch Company. He adds, “What is obvious is the Suunto Ambit vision is to maximize fitness features and Garmin has not declared that vision yet”.