Highland flings: Paul Giblin And The West Highland Way Race

Paul Giblin has done it again, with yet another article in the mainstream press. This time, it’s The Guardian’s ‘The Running Blog‘, with an article entitled ‘Highland flings: Paul Giblin And The West Highland Way Race’.

“The West Highland Way race represents an ultra-running challenge in the beauty of the Highlands, and for Paul Giblin it was one he embraced, by breaking the course record.”

West Highland Way Race Course Record Broken

Paul Giblin took a chunk out of Terry Conyway’s 2012 WHW Race time to set a new course record, arriving in Fort William in a phenomenal time of 15:07:29. Marco Consani and Richie Cunningham followed in second and third in times of 16:03:48 and 16:27:30 respectively.

First lady home was Rosie Bell in a time of 19:27:04, followed by Lorna McMillan in a time of 19:46:00.

At this point, only 21 runners have finished, with most runners still out on the course. Thinking back to my own experiences from last year, I was still a long way from finishing, which I eventually did around 8am Sunday morning.

Full results are available online this year, thanks to Sportident chip timing, which has made following the race much easier: