Suunto Ambit2 & Ambit2 S

“A year after its much-anticipated launch, the Suunto Ambit line is being upgraded through bifurcation, specialization, and adaptation to an unexpected level of user engagement. Launching May 1 around the world are the Suunto Ambit2 and Suunto Ambit2 S. The Ambit2 is geared toward the explorer and ultra-distance endurance athlete with the longer battery life of the pair and the inclusion of barometric sensors. On the other hand, the Ambit2 S is slimmed down to provide a lighter, more nimble option for the vast majority of endurance athletes who don’t need crazy-long battery life or barometric altitude sensors.”

2013 Hoka Highland Fling

“Scotland’s Hoka Highland Fling 53-mile race will be run on Saturday, April 27th. Now in its eighth year, this is expected to be the most popular ultra in the UK this year with 593 solo entrants plus 50 relay teams, certainly bigger than any ultras in recent years back in Blighty (that’s Britain for those not familiar with the term). It reflects the continuing growth of ultras globally and it’s good to see races in my homeland doing so well.”

It speaks volumes about the success of the Hoka Highland Fling when renowned ultra athlete Ian Sharman previews the race on, home of everything ultra. This will be my first absence from the race for 3 years, with 1 DNF and 2 finishes to my name. As gutted as I am to miss the race, it’s for a good reason, and I will be back fitter and, hopefully(!), faster in years to come. Ironically, it looks like the weather is going to be far from the balmy temperatures of years gone by which would have been perfect for me. Hopefully it’s not too cold for all concerned.

Best of luck to everyone running. I look forward to hearing how everyone does on the day.

Why We DNF

There’s an excellent article on Why We DNF by Geoff Roes over on Well worth a read for some thoughts on the dreaded ‘Did Not Finish’ from one of the ultramarathon elite:

“Continuing on and finishing a race when we are tempted to drop out is a mental challenge that is largely determined by our mindset in the days and weeks leading up to the race. At the same time though, our brain is telling us to stop to try to protect us from further damage. Sometimes, we can have some of our best races when we ignore any temptation to drop and just keep moving forward, and other times the further we go the worse things get.”

(Image taken at the 2010 Highland Fling, my only DNF to date)

Inov8 Trailroc 255

I was lucky enough to try the Inov8 Trailroc 235 back at the inaugural Scottish Barefoot Run and I loved the combination of spacious toebox with super grippy sole. I would love to try the Trailroc 255 with a view to finding the perfect shoe for next year’s ultramarathons.

“Specifically designed for running loose, on rugged and eroded trails. Includes the most under foot protection and cushioning of the trailroc™ range so is suitable for high mileage training and racing. Includes Meta-Shank™ gen3 for increased underfoot protection.”

You may already have read the recent Trailroc review at which highly rated the Trailrocs. Now there’s yet more praise coming their way, this time courtesy of Looks like the Trailrocs are destined for great things!