10 Reasons to Run in Scotland

“With its rolling landscapes, rugged mountains, and endless scenic trails and paths, there is no better country for runners than Scotland.  As well as being an ideal destination for leisurely runs, Scotland also offers a wide variety of organised 10ks, marathons, relays and races.”

There are many reasons to run in Scotland, and www.scotland.org lists 10 of them in their recent article.

Number 5, For amazing challenges, reads as follows:

“Some runners like to take their sport to its limits, and Scotland’s more extreme races will not disappoint. The West Highland Way Race sees participants taking on a challenge to run 96 miles from Milngavie, just north of Glasgow, to the Highland town of Fort William. The route is off-road but on waymarked trails and heads through the fabulous ever-changing landscapes of central Scotland and the Highlands. Expect off-road tracks and plenty of hills. Taking place in 2013 on June 22, WHW Race runners will be racing to beat the record breaking times of 15hrs 39 mins for the men and 17hrs 16mins for the women’s. Yes, you read that correctly. That is well under 18 hours for a 96-mile run!

Other Scottish running challenges include:

  • 100km The Anglo Celtic Plate in March
  • 55-mile Cateran Trail Ultra Marathon in May
  • Cape Wrath Half Marathon 2013 in May
  • Rat Race City to Summit in June
  • 43-mile Devil o’ the Highlands foot race in August
  • Glenmore 24hr Trail Race in September.”

The complete list:

  1. For fantastic views
  2. For the love of tartan
  3. For friendly cities
  4. For whisky
  5. For amazing challenges
  6. For gorgeous castles
  7. For the highest mountain
  8. For great mates
  9. For landmark attractions
  10. For the sheer madness of it

Read the complete article: 10 Reasons To Run In Scotland


www.out-run.co.uk is Scotland’s newest trail running and ultra marathon outlet. Out-Run was set up to supply specialist kit to those taking part in trail & ultra-marathons.

Brands and items on sale have been selected on the basis of first-hand experience or as a result of recommendations from runners. The people behind Out-Run also have experience as Race Directors (GO33 Glen Ogle ultramarathon & Glenmore 24 ultramarathon) and thus have an understanding of runner’s needs.

Brands include:

  • UltrAspire
  • X-Bionic
  • Raidlight
  • OMM
  • Yeti
  • Thermarest
  • Injinji
  • Wigwam
  • 2XU
  • And many more

Glenmore 24

The second Glenmore 24 race took place on the weekend of 1st September. Ian Minty, my support runner from this years West Highland Way Race had an excellent day, hitting his target of 100 miles and getting the preparation for his own attempt at the West Highland Way off to a flying start. Read how Ian’s race went online at his new blog ‘This tortoise wants to become a hare’.

24 Hour Race

1st Three Women:

  1. Fiona Rennie, 109.01 miles
  2. Wendy MacKinnon, 106.82 miles
  3. Pauline Walker, 103.02 miles

1st Three Men:

  1. Grant MacDonald, 129.04 miles (new course record)
  2. Mike Raffan, 121.43 miles
  3. Bob Steel 118.82 miles

12 Hour Race

1st Three Women:

  1. Sandra McDougall, 63.83 miles
  2. Carolyn Rae, 63.59 miles
  3. Joanna Rae – 58.01 Miles

1st Three Men:

  1. Stevie Gildea, 74.42 miles
  2. John Jynaston, 65.37 miles
  3. Donald Sandeman, 62.41 miles

Complete results are available on the Glenmore 24 website.

More information is available from the Glenmore 24 Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Glenmore 24

It may well be UTMB weekend but there’s still plenty going on back in Scotland. The Glenmore 24 is back after the success of last years event and there are more than a few familiar faces from the S.U.M.S. regulars, including Ian Minty, who supported me so well in this year’s West Highland Way Race.

The weekend consists of a 12 hour and a 24 hour race, with approx 30 starters and 40 starters respectively. The event takes place in the Glenmore forest, not far from Aviemore and just beneath the Cairngorm mountains, on a 4 mile loop, the majority of which is on wide forest trails and landrover tracks. It’s an excellent location, and, as anyone who reads this blog knows, I have a particular fondness for Cairngorm trails.

All the best to everyone running the Glenmore 24 this weekend. Definitely an event that I plan to do at some point in the future. I will be thinking of you all as I head off to (hopefully) sunnier climes!