Charging On The Go

Battery life has to be one of the most common gripes for anyone who participates in ultramarathons, or who likes to walk or run for extended periods, be it in terms of hours or days. My preferred running watch is the Suunto Ambit which, with the correct settings, should be able to record run data for 50 hours approx. Around 60 miles into the 2012 West Highland Way Race, my Garmin 310XT died and I had to swap to another watch to see me to the end of the race. One of my biggest regrets is not being able to get a complete GPS track from start to finish. This was the perfect excuse to invest in a Suunto Ambit and sounds like a perfect excuse for doing the race again if you ask me!

However, this time around, I will be armed with the Suunto Ambit, with (hopefully) its 50 hours approx of battery life. This should be more than enough time for even me to complete. If not I’m in trouble given that there’s a 35 hour limit!

Just in case the battery fades before I do, I will also have a Duracell Portable USB Charger 1150 mAh with me.

Having read a number of positive blog posts online, I opted to purchase one of the Duracell Chargers. At only £10.00 I figured it was well worth a shot, and less of a gamble than when the charger was on sale at the full £29.99 retail price.

The charger arrived with me today and, by way of  a test, I plugged it into my Suunto Ambit which was sitting at 69% charge. This was soon back up at %100 which, come race day, should see me get to the finish line with a complete GPS track of whatever race I am completing.

The Suunto’s own charge cable simply plugs into the unit and, as such, I could quite easily have the watch still on my arm, with the charger tucked away somewhere close at hand, or in a backpack or waistpack.

Well worth checking out if you are at all concerned about battery life of your GPS/phone.