UD Signature Series At The Ultramarathon Running Store

The latest offering from Ultimate Direction, the much sought after Signature Series packs, will be available from The Ultramarathon Running Store from early February.

AK Race Vest (Anton Krupicka Race Vest)

Designed by Anton Krupicka, the AK Race Vest brings minimalism to the world of hydration. Even though it weighs in at only 6 ounces (10 with bottles), the UD AK Race Vest still has plenty of capacity for food, clothing, and a phone, so you can use this vest for anything from 10 to 100 miles.

“The Race Vest is super light and minimal – but easily carries everything I need.” (Anton Krupicka)

SJ Ultra Vest (Scott Jurek Ultra Vest)

The SJ Ultra Vest is the result of collaboration with Scott Jurek, the world’s most dominant ultra runner. Weighing in at 7.5 ounces (11.5 with bottles) and offering 9.2 L of storage space, the UD SJ Ultra Vest has the best weight-to-capacity ratio of any hydration pack on the market.

“I’ve been using Ultimate Direction packs for years, modifying them to carry bottles in front – the Ultra Vest is the culmination.” (Scott Jurek)

PB Adventure Vest (Peter Bakwin Adventure Vest)

Peter Bakwin wanted a pack that could do anything from running to hiking, climbing to skiing. Featuring 12 L of volume and a variety of features, The UD Adventure Vest allows you to stay hydrated and comfortable on any size adventure from quick outings to all-day expeditions.

“The Adventure Vest is the pack I’ve always wanted but wasn’t available – until now!” (Peter Bakwin)

Ultimate Direction Signature Series Vests

The long awaited Ultimate Direction Signature Series, including the SJ (Scott Jurek) Race Vest, the AK (Anton Krupicka) Race Vest, and the PB (Peter Bakwin) Adventure Vest are now available to buy and stocks are, by all accounts, flying out the door in the US. Limited stock is expected here in the UK in December but you had better be quick if you want to get your hands on one of these packs. Initial stock is expected to sell out very quickly. All of the packs look great but, in particular, the PB Adventure Vest appeals to me with its slightly larger capacity.

The Ultimate Direction Signature Series is now available to pre-order from http://www.out-run.co.uk/

Ultimate Direction Signature Series

Ultimate Direction utilised the input of Anton Krupicka, Peter Bakwin & Scott Jurek to produce the Signature Series range of packs which should meet the needs of ultramarathoners and fastpackers. Buzz Burrell shares the inspiration behind the Ultimate Direction Signature Series in the video above.

The Peter Bakwin inspired pack, the PB Adventure Vest, looks particularly interesting, with up to 12L capacity and weighing only 12oz.