With the birth of my son Harris on 28th February 2013, my priorities changed considerably. It just wasn’t possible, practical nor even desirable to continue with my old ultramarathon training habits of disappearing off out for a 3-4 hour run most Saturdays and Sundays. Instead, I sought out new avenues, or, more accurately, a return to those that I had neglected since ultramarathon training took over my life – namely walking and cycling.

Initially, when it came to cycling, the plan had been to invest in a bicycle seat for Harris. However, after a conversation with the owner of Mountain Spirit in Aviemore, I started to look at bike trailers.

After considerable online research, I came across something called a Croozer, billed as ‘one transporter – three possibilities’.

The Croozer, suitable not just for biking, but as a buggy and a jogger as well, looked just the ticket. However, retailing between £300 – £400, it would be a serious investment, especially when, at that point in time, I hadn’t actually seen one ‘in the flesh’.

I ended up searching, funnily enough the one and only time I have used the site! By some strange coincidence, a Croozer was listed for sale in Aberdeen of all places, right on the doorstep and, by that weekend, we had viewed and purchased it for the sum of £50, a fraction of the cost of a new one.

We knew from the listing that it had been well used and the seller pointed out that there had been some repair work done on the seat. However, it wasn’t until giving the Croozer a good clean back home that I realised the extent of the repair, with a considerable amount of gaffer tape holding the seat together.

Returning to the internet, I spent the next week seeking out an exact replacement for the seat, eventually finding one in stock at a bike store in Germany. The replacement was ordered along with a waterproof cover, and after a few days, our purchases arrived.

The end result was a Croozer in great condition for less than a 1/4 of the retail price.

Since purchasing the Croozer we have used it in and around Ellon, along the Formartine & Buchan Way, at various local beaches, and, the ultimate test, in the Cairngorms.

It has to rank as one of the best purchases we have made. Harris loves it. It offers him a spacious, comfortable and weather proof area in which to sit, and mostly sleep(!), and it copes well with practically anything you care to push/pull/cycle it over. I still can’t believe just how well it coped with some of the inclines on Cairngorm trails.

So, a great purchase and, should we ever extend the family, I would have no qualms in paying full RRP for the two child version.

The people we bought it off of had used it fairly regularly until their children both turned 5 so, by all accounts, we should expect to get a considerable amount of use out of it before our Croozer is finally retired.

From the Croozer web site:

Croozer Kid – One Transporter Three Possibilities.

Croozer Kid – the all-rounder.

The Croozer Kid is practical as well as straightforward: use it as a jogger, a buggy or a bicycle trailer. Everything you need is included with this three-in-one package.

For piece of mind:

The low centre of gravity ensures a safe ride. Your child sits comfortably in his or her own individual seat with the full protection of five-point frame anchored seatbelts, robust aluminium bumpers and an enlarged passenger compartment. The handlebar doubles as a roll bar to make sure your child is safe, just in case …

Get in and have fun:

Your children will just love their Croozer. Even babies feel right at home, protected against wind and weather while enjoying the great view. And there’s always plenty of room behind the seat to stash food, toys and more.

One- or two-seater?

It’s up to you. But even if you’re not planning on additional offspring, a two-seater can still make sense. We guarantee that willing second passengers won’t be difficult to find. Double the fun!

  • Includes bicycle arm with axle hitch (and a second hitch), safety flag, buggy wheel and a large front wheel with wheel arms
  • Combination insect and weather cover
  • Seperate seat area for each child (Croozer Kid for 2)
  • Reflective height and width markings
  • Innovative quick folding system
  • Safety tested according to ASTM standards