Vivobarefoot Ulysses

Catching up on email after an excellent day spent out in the sun looking after my son, Harris, I have to admit to finding myself excited by the content of one email in particular. Vivobarefoot announced the Ulysses today,

“Refined over millennia. Perfected for summer.

Inspired by the huarache, the ULYSSES sandal is a classic reborn – we have taken a design used over millennia and simply improved it. When ancient wisdom meets modern shoe making and materials, an evolution that captures the essence of summer style is born. The ULYSSES brings barefoot functionality to the free toe summer movement.

A new addition to our on road running collection – that would be perfectly at home on the beach – the VIVOBAREFOOT Ulysses is the ultimate barefoot running sandal.”

Anyone who reads this blog will already know that I have been spending a significant amount of time in Vivobarefoot shoes of late, in the Freuds (casual/lifestyle), the Evo Pure (road), and the excellent Trail Freak (trail!).

That’s why I was so excited to read about the Ulysses this evening. I spend a considerable amount of time in sandals/flip flops over the summer months but, at least to date, there’s been nothing that has been comfortable enough to run any distance in.

That’s most likely changed with the huarache inspired Ulysees. I Know they are not the first huarache style footwear but that patented puncture-resistant sole certainly appeals to me and I have come to trust Vivobarefoot product to provide a supremely comfortable, minimalist shoe that doesn’t get in the way of letting my foot do its thing!