Best Value Ultramarathons In The UK

It has to be said that there are some ridiculously priced events out there. Perhaps capitalizing on the growing interest in the ultramarathon scene, costs for some events have shot up and some other established events have followed suit.

There’s an excellent resource from that lists the best value ultramarathons in the UK.

“This simple page lists some of the best value ultramarathon races available in the UK. In contrast to expensive new trail and ultra events created by commercial event companies, there is still a very healthy (and growing) number of low cost, great value events all over the UK. All the races on this pagecost less than £1 per mile!

Of course “value” doesn’t just mean the cheapest ultras, so the table also includes brief details of what you get for your entry fee: number of CPs, food/water, T-shirt, medal, etc.”

It does include The Highland Fling but appears to miss out a number of other, equally low cost Scottish Ultra Marathon Series Events. Perhaps the most notable omission is the D33. I can’t find the price for next years event on the website but, certainly in past years, the event has cost approx £10-£12 putting it well below £1 per mile!

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